Kim is a self taught artist. A late bloomer when you consider she never really picked up an artist’s paint brush until 17 years ago in Tampa, Florida.  There, in 1996, she started the nationally known wholesale hand painted glassware company “Kim Pall Creations”.

In May of 2001, while on a very well deserved vacation, she and her family visited and fell in love with the 30A area. They were determined to find a way to "get" to 30A.  With a thriving business, a home and not to mention friends and family, they wondered if it would all be possible. As things do happen, everything fell into place in December of that same year and they began to build their dream on Scenic 30A.

Since then, with 30A as her inspiration, Kim has been painting everything she can. Her art form?  It ranges from funky pieces of furniture, old windows, cars (yes – she helped paint the art car!), bikes &canvas (wood and fabric) to signs of every type.  She also still dabbles in hand painted glass and as well as a  textured art form.

So you see, every day is STILL a new adventure – even after 12 years here on the "A" !