Meet Jefferson Starfish!
My own pillow creation.
He is approximately 24" x 24" and about 8 inches thick.
Everyone who picks him up realizes quickly - he gives HUGS! 
Art Glass

I have become obsessed with broken glass art.  I am not sure why, but think it may have to do with my painted glass days..... when NOTHING could break!  Who knows.... but stay tuned as I am having fun with this medium right now!

Art Blocks
Looking for just a little art?  Art blocks are perfect!  Purchase one block at a time or a whole set.  Sizes range from 4" x 4" to as "large" as 12" x 9".  Currently they only come with seascape themes - with sandpipers and sea oats

Art Pillows

Each is a unique pillow - no two are ever intentionally the same size.  I do this to provide a pop of surprise.  Who knew pillows could actually provide a surprise.